CSSI spans multiple colleges and departments, with leadership balanced across the social sciences on one side and computer science, mathematics, and statistics on the other. All faculty from UMass are eligible to become involved in CSSI as faculty affiliates. Both the Director and Associate Director roles are rotating positions with three-year terms.  Maintaining balance across social or behavioral scientists and statisticians or computer scientists, the roles of Director and Associate Director alternate between these communities.  Major decisions are made by a Steering Committee consisting of the Director, Associate Director, and faculty members from each of the core departments who are actively involved in service to CSSI.


Director: Ina Ganguli (Economics)

Associate Directors:

  • Krista Gile (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Brendan O'Connor (Information and Computer Sciences)

Steering Committee:

  • Krista Gile (Mathematics & Statistics)
  • Seth Goldman (Communication)
  • Justin Gross (Political Science)
  • Andrew McCallum (Information and Computer Sciences)
  • Christian Rojas (Resource Economics)
  • Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (Sociology)