Ina Ganguli

Ina Ganguli
Research Topic
Causal inference
Text analysis
Record linkage
Wearable sensors
Ina Ganguli
Associate Director

I use large datasets to study labor market issues, with a focus on science and innovation, immigration, and gender topics. Much of my research uses bibliometric data to understand the productivity, mobility and collaboration decisions of scientists. I have also collected unique datasets related to scientific collaborations, including running a web-based survey of authors about their prior scientific collaborations and a field experiment among medical school researchers that involved the collection of nanodata on face-to-face interactions using electronic sensors. Another focus of my research is on understanding gender gaps in education and labor market outcomes using large cross-country datasets. Some of this work uses international, firm-level panel datasets to study gender differentials in the legal and financial sectors. I have also analyzed large, multi-country datasets based on Census and household survey data to understand dynamics in female labor force participation and gender wage gaps.